Why I want to change from firefox and why i can't

After decades of using Firefox they have finally peo’d me off enough where I want to switch browsers because of what they did to the android browser removing back/home/and a menu bar. I won’t use Chrome because let’s face it , Google is an evil empire and supporting them in any way is just evil too . I have the same problem with MS in general too with all the spyware they build into all their products .

So that leaves me with few options for a browser that works on all the platforms I use . Android/Linux/Windows ( yes i know android is google,but it really started as linux and was corrupted like they do all things into an invasive dystopian evil robot army of 100 of billions of little marketing machines and social engineering depots that are unanswerable to any authority, let alone the actual owners ).

SO ! ; to make a long whine longer and the reason for this long winded rant against the powers that be . I download Brave and play with it today it is fast nice responsive and if you can believe the corporation page spyware and tracking free. BUT THERE IS NO MENU BAR unlike every other app I use day to day

…are your devs so wet behind the ears that the just do not realize that menu bars are the heart and soul of an app and have been around since gates stole the whole windows thang from jobs?

That is really a deal breaker with me that I have to hunt some obscure symbol ( I can read ) right click on it and hunt through 30-40 items to find what I am after.

The fashion of the day for app design is like TV now days you get a lot less and end up disappointed with the new formats ( 26 episodes historically to now 10 if your lucky ). It is a bad trend that someone thinks less is more for some reason especially when it is such a programmatically trivial thing A MENU BAR.

So in conclusion if you even get the option back for putting a menu bar back in your app you will probably have a new convert …but until them back to the old Firefox work horse I love to hate …

I assume you have never used Google Chrome browser since Brave is based on Chromium there is no menu bar in either browser. All of the operations are performed either via the pulldown menu at the far right of the toolbar (3 horizontal lines) or via the right mouse click on an individual tab or in the page itself.

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Just right-click next to the last tab and put a tick in “Menu Bar”.

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Haha, yeah, you gotta activate it manually, like the Mozilla itself does.

You can add the menu bar here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proper-menubar-for-google/egclcjdpndeoioimlbbbmdhcaopnedkp