Why not a Menu Bar?


While a menu button is an elegant solution to the tiny screens found on smartphones, I do think the menu bar has it’s merits.

I find it more convenient and well worth the space on a laptop, even though it would be a duplication of the functions of a menu button.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hej midnightcat,

I think all options of the hamburger/snowman menu can be reached from the menu bar which you can toggle hitting the alt-key in the desktop application.

Update: midnightcat’s request probably targets the newer brave (Version 0.56.12 Chromium: 70.0.3538.77), while my answer is only applicable for brave Muon.




PLEASE give me an option for a menu bar.


Yes, absolutely agree. WE NEED A MENU BAR.

PLEASE do not assume that Brave users are hipster techno-wizard minimalists who never want to see File, Edit, Bookmarks, etc.

Remember Windows 10 and the removal of the “Start button.”



Would love to see the Menu Bar option back for Desktop. Is this possible?

I’m currently Using Version 0.58.18 Chromium.


I agree with you, that’s ONE of the reasons I’ve chosen to stick with Muon. Another reason is that starting Tor with the new version immediately triggers my company’s snoop ware, whereas Muon does not.


PLEASE give a menu bar.

I’m not on a f***ing smartphone, I don’t want to use a **** burger menu. Why do all hipster devs nowadays presume literally everyone is browsing on a phone or tablet?

It literally takes more clicks and movements to get to my bookmarks, history etc.

Literally EVERY other application I use on my machine has File, Edit, etc in the top left. It’s a good standard and allows quick & easy navigation. I don’t mind whether it’s above or below the tabs, as long as the menu actually exists.

This is the #1 feature I hope will be brought back in the new version, otherwise it’s absolutely going to put me off using it.

Make a toggle switch in the settings for those who don’t like it, or are actually browsing on mobiles.


I added shortcuts to boomarks bar. I can live with that.
An optional menu bar would be nicer though.


brave://settings/clearBrowserData …etc
Shortcuts - 0.58.18 Chromium


I guess I can can either get use no menu bar or return the old version of brave or might even considering returning to the old reliable Firefox. They should also consider our request for the menu bar which helps us older ones because there is enough change already to keep up with.


I’d like to throw my vote in for restoring a menu bar.