Brave 0.27.3 vs brave 0.62.51

This morning I received a threat from brave that my current browser brave 0.27.3 will be disabled in 10 days.

I installed version 0.62.51 and found the browser layout to be very poor, ridge, and not at all user friendly or at least not to this user and his wife. (OS=windows 7)

First and foremost there is NO MENU BAR! While there are some sub functions of a menu bar in your main menu. The functionality for a menu bar is lost. Every program that we use has a menu bar, it’s simple, easy to use IT FUNCTIONS.

You bookmarks are just awkward. Trying to alphabetize is nonfunctional, dragging bookmarks around is hit or miss most of the time miss, it then becomes impossible to organize. When I open a new tab I now have a bookmark bar across the top of the screen that is just stupid, takes up space. When I want to see bookmarks I will open bookmarks using the item in the menu bar called bookmarks. OH SHIT THERE IS NO MENU BAR.

0.27.3 at least has a menu bar, perhaps the new brave is meant to be used on cell phones and tablets and not real computer. How do we even know that you “ungoogled” brave?

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If I’m not mistaken, there is also an older Brave version that is on the Muon and doesn’t require an update to Chromium. Check with the staff for this.

Please keep in mind that the version is not given without reason, and how to read it out, it is 0.62.5.

The browser has not yet reached 1.0 status, there are most likely many changes planned. Just wait and see. :wink:

Well, if you don’t want to believe the statements of the developers… It could also be that Google has already taken over your PC, and tomorrow you can find your private things on the PC already at

Paranoia is probably completely superfluous here. Only logical thinking solves the thought. What would the makers of Brave have to place code from Google to send your data? Brave is also open source, you can look at the source code on Github just like everyone else.

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