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I don’t like having to be an IT to figure out how to program this. I am not stupid but this is unbelievably confusing. I am not sure I even want to use Brave but trying!!! I have W10. Used Firefox until they screwed everything up a day ago. Done with FF!!! Trying to get this set up but cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the Menu to show on the top. Is there a way to even do this? I wish that the developers would give a little more room at the top so you have some space to move the window around without clicking on a tab.

that said – I do like the themes but am hoping there will be more added like FF used to offer. Love that feature!!! I really want this to work but quite frankly, am confused by this whole system and am really to throw in the towel and go to IE. If someone can help convince me that this is worthwhile, I would be very appreciative. Please make this easier not just for me but for those who I know that are real illiterate computer users. You need to make this easier for those folks. If I find it’s hard I can guarantee that they won’t even touch this.

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These topics may help.

I hear you. I can often feel the same way.

:+1: Yes! Me too.
That’s why I am persevering with Brave and I like the Lion - the brave heart.
I’m just gonna say what I did / am doing for myself to

and to get more computer literate along the way.
Ok, so using Brave.
I understand it like this:

  • Brave is small whereas browsers like FF are BIG - when you use Brave, you take that on, which means you are going to have to work with your browser a bit for best results . . . you are kind of actually giving a thumbs up to the future of something that’s currently in ‘Beta’, which I think means in ‘testing’ phase.
  • setting aside time to browse around the topics and read some articles and think about what is being discussed is the way to go - the self-help approach - probably the quickest route to answers anyway and one is picking up the lingo with which to speak about IT
  • then that becomes really useful because then one can frame one’s questions better for the IT people, so that they know what you are asking and then the answers come easier and you are better able to implement them
  • I really recommend taking the new user tutorial - can’t locate the topic where I found out how to do that
    er . . .
  • if you go to your own profile page and you click on your lighthouse avatar then you should see @discobot trying to have a conversation with you and you click on those pink stripes and follow the instructions and then you can complete the community new user tutorial. When I had done that, I was able to begin navigating around the forum and the tutorial was quite fun actually.
  • read the community guidelines.
  • after that, the world for the

is very different.
And we ARE then, a little bit literate. :sweat_smile: :muscle: :smile:

I’m sure loads of people feel that way. I can’t see though, that we have a choice in order to move forward with the tool that IT is for us. It seems we just have to do a little of that which we don’t like in order to keep up.

Getting into this now? Yes, it is worthwhile.
I’d say, ‘go for it’.
Wish you less confusion and then soon, :rofl: because you did figure something out.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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hey @discobot, thanks for joining the conversation to help JT @TweedleDee.

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. . .
PS @TweedleDee:
Also, I think Brave may be easier to use for people who have used a ‘Chrome’ browser?
Not completely sure, but it seems the new, er, ‘Chromium’ based Brave is very different from FF.

Gosh, loved the feedback! What a great group! :upside_down_face: Thank you for your kind responses and encouragement. I’m humbled. :blush: It was a hard day yesterday (plum exhausted.)

Am going to give Brave the good ol college try and hope for the best. :crazy_face::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: If worse comes to worst (or is it worse comes to worse, or worst comes to worst? :woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes: ), I can always post on this board and receive expert advice.

Nevertheless, I sure felt like an imbecile :eyes::brain:. There went whatever pride I had. But you all made it worthwhile. It really helps to get feedback and am glad for this forum.

So… from what I gather, Brave uses Chrome apps as part of its program. Correct? But in using Chrome apps does it mean that privacy is forsaken? Hmm.

Always growing, always learning. Will see what I can figure out now. Thanks again community!! Greatly appreciated! :grin: :fallen_leaf:

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@TweedleDee - you were a lighthouse, now you are a CAT. :grin:
I hope you have now figured out:


Hope some real IT’s will soon read your second post and make answer to this above or, it’s probably already been answered in another topic. This one may help:

You could try this link also if you haven’t already.

Yeah, some hard days, :anguished:.
So a goodly dash away from

‘best comes to best’
is Great. :grin:

Sorry to hear about your troubles! That’s why Community is here – to help users from all backgrounds! @Dryad, thank you providing our new member with such excellent support :slight_smile:

Additionally, I’d recommend thumbing through our Help Center content to learn more about Brave and how it functions.

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