Would appreciate the return of the normal menu bar to the Windows version


Since updating to the latest desktop version on Windows 10 I’m finding it frustrating that I can’t reinstate the classic menu bar. I know I can use the hamburger icon on the top right for most things, but it’s not as intuitive for a longstanding Windows user. The historic conventions of File/Edit/VIew etc. are much quicker and, I therefore believe, more productive.

Many thanks for listening.

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I strongly second this. It’s a ridiculous change and I can’t stand the hamburger menu. I agree with everything you said in this post.

for instance, it’s frustrating to me that I now can’t seem to be able to open a pdf file in brave that I have on my desktop. not from hamburger, not from right click…and before you get all “but…it’s 2019: internet/web page, luddite” consider the privacy implications.

Happy I’m not the only one. don’t make me get on github, fistshaking at you crazy kids ;-p

Yes - please restore the optional menu bar. W10 desktop PC.