Observations after a couple days of use

I’ve been fiddling with Brave for a couple days now. It seems to work fine for the most part.

I’m on a Windows PC. And I expect things to have a consistent look and feel. Like a MENU BAR. At the TOP of the screen on the left side. Just like virtually every other product/tool I use. I generally use Firefox because to a LARGE extent I can configure it to be the way I want it to for my work style.

As near as I can tell, at the present time, I can’t get a menu bar (at the top left), the tabs below the address bar, or a simple way to display my bookmarks the way I want them… If I’m wrong, please point me to a way to configure them:

  • Menu bar on the top left – if somebody WANTS it on the bottom of the screen, fine. OR to have to hit Alt-F to get some list on the far right. Fine. Make it a CONFIGURABLE OPTION.

  • Tabs above or below the address? Same thing. Some people like them above. I want them below.

  • Bookmarks: I don’t want to waste scarce vertical space (and it’s ALWAYS scarce no matter how large my monitors are) on another toolbar I only need once in a while. I want a button or a MENU choice in the MENU bar that lets me display my bookmarks the way I want to see them…

As near as I can tell from previous discussions and requests I found, all these configurations have been requested and may already exist or be coming very soon. They’re all minor annoyances, but it would be nice to be able to configure them.