Unable to verify uphold wallet on multiple android devices

Hi no issues on my Desktop, but i have three android mobile with Brave browser. None of these are connecting. All Samsung S7 Edge, Note 9 and S21 Ultra. Had been fine previously but all three stopped at the same time.

I message saying something went wrong, i am verified on both mobile and desktop sites for uphold. I have tried removing the app from mobile then signing in again. Email linked takes me to uphold account but nothing else. When i then try to sign in again it then tells me i have reached my limit?

What’s going on guy’s is there a known issue?

Anyone care to reply? quite clearly an issue here.

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I have the same issue. Android has been connected to uphold for years. All the sudden it needed to reauthorize.
“Something went wrong” is also what I get after pressing “reauthorize”.
@Mattches Any clue here?

I have had this same issue for what feels like a year now. Can I please have my devices I no longer own removed so I can activate the new devices. This is insane. People change their devices out within 2-3 years for phones and sometimes computers. Also users cannot provide helpful information to support if the only error that pops up is “an error occurred”. The other issue is the error pops up on Upholds app, but they keep sending us to brave to get the issue fixed. Seems to me like you all need to sit down over coffee and figure how to make your systems more efficient.

Go to Uphold.com and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet. Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in 'Wallet verified’state)” Follow this method. Also, make sure your shields is down, and third party cookies are available for some time. And delete uphold native app from android for the time being.

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Please try the following:


Thanks for all the replies but when i remove the app and try to verify again i get a message advising i have reach the maximum device limit. So that’s not the issue

Never had an issue before and i am using three Android devices and a laptop.

That means you have hit your maximum device limit.
Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

That did it. Its a bit weird but it got me goin again.

Thanks but these are four devices that have always been registered, I’m guessing this doesn’t wipe the wallet? just a revalidation process?

Thank you for that, i just randomly got disconnected from my wallet and couldn’t set it up again but this helped!

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