Can not Login to Uphold on android

I am not able to link my Uphold Wallet to Brave on my android mobile. Every time, I try to verify wallet and then login to Uphold, and then automatically it gets refreshed and comes back to the same page.

@steeven @SaltyBanana
Please look at it.

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Go to and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet.Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in “Wallet verified” state)

Try this method

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i think you reached maximum device limit


Already done. But doesn’t work.

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It’s just a PC and now trying to login to my mobile phone.

True because I’ve tried other methods but kept saying maximum device reached. What to do now?

Follow this tutorial to unlink your device.

Thanks for your concern.

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