Problem with verify wallet on Android

I have installed two browser on phone to phone , Brave and Brave beta.
On PC l have one Brave browser and it only there is verify wallet.

When I try to register, I got loop or the rhis

Can tou help me please?


Go to and log in independently of the Brave Rewards verification flow. Once logged in, go into Brave Rewards and verify wallet.Follow steps Wallet verification should be successful (in “Wallet verified” state)

Try this method. Or it may that you reached 4 device limit.


i just tried that and im still unable to verify my uphold.
it redirects me to chrome://rewards and then the browser crashes.

is there any other way to take out my BATs to my uphold account without doing the verification?


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I think you have already link other account before?

If yes, then you have to Reset Browser.

nope, i havent linked any other account before…
also, im sure im not reaching the device limit, this is only the 2nd one

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Yes there is no problem in device limit because you can add upto 4 Devices

thanks for replying so fast!!

do you know if there is any other possible path to take out my BATs without doing that verification?

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Check ur DM I’m suggesting you something there

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I have only one device Brave brower on PC that is wallet verified. I have other two that I cant verify, I was have before 4 verify wallets but I disconectet them.
how to reset browser and not loose all bats?

Disconnect does not mean removing them unfortunately. So you have reached the device limit

Yeah, before the issue, each time you go to verify, it counts towards the limit number. I’ve been having this issue for over a year now. Uphold is a massive issue in this whole thing, and I pretty much gave up on Uphold. I really hope they’re working on integrating Gemini for the Mobile Browser, because I managed to verify my wallet with Gemini on my Desktop Browser, and got it working again through that method. I recommend switching to Gemini, and hope that they’ll eventually bring the option of Gemini for Mobile as well.

My guess is that this whole Device Limit problem is on Uphold’s end, and they’re just not doing a damn thing about it. If the main issue was on Brave’s end, they’d’ve fixed it by now. But, that’s just a guess. I could be wrong.

the last thig hat I can do is create another account on uphold and with diffrent email and when they see that like previous time they will cintact me nd I will say new account , all my money will be transfer to new account and I will try to verify wallet on that way… I dont have no more idea… I collect over 200 ads on two browser on mobile , and only 5 per day on pc… I have one account… cant even add more account om pc…

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