Unable to verify Uphold wallet on Android

Hello, I have been trying to verify my Uphold wallet on my Android for quite a while now but it never works. I’ve shared my problem here before, but got no replies. I now have more than 15 BAT, so I thought maybe it will work now. But when I go through the steps, it still loops back to ‘verify wallet’.

Then I log in and am sent back to this page:

I’ve cleared cache and cookies etc and tried it again but to no avail.

Can someone please help me?

I have a Samsung galaxy S7

Thank you in advance!

I’ve been having the exact same issue ever since I had to reinstall Brave on my phone. Before the reinstall I had my Uphold wallet connected and there were no issues. It’s been going on for several months, and I have attempted to connect to my Uphold wallet dozens of times. VERY frustrating

as you can see, there are zero replies on most questions here. Brave won’t help you, they won’t solve the problem and they don’t care. if you look through thousands of posts here, there are things that are posted a year+ ago and still no solution. Brave doesn’t solve problems, they create them and make money from ads. sorry and good luck.