Uphold login issue

Unable to verify uphold accont it shows something went wrong try again some other time from last 1 week. For this reason my brave rewards are stuck

I have logged in to Uphold three times on my android in an attempt to verify my wallet and no dice.

(I’m verified on my windows desktop, however)

@Lucifer221B @racecar Hi and welcome to the community. I linked a post below from another community member. You should try what he suggests and see if that works.

Thanks for the reply. When I was trying to log-in, I forgot there was a cap on the number of Brave devices for a lifetime (4, I think). I do not remember if I verified my android device before, but I think I would rather not since I do not use it very much – it would be better to save the wallet verification on another device that I use more (since you can only verify a wallet on 4 devices for a lifetime, right?)
Sorry for the confusion.

@racecar and @Lucifer221B do a favor and post about it at 48 hours for the Brave mobile to finish

I’ve asked others to do that as well but looks like they haven’t. I mention that because other people are also having issues. I’d like to try to get everyone together on it, especially since Steeven is working on it.

The more information they can get and more people speaking up on issues, the better. Of course, that’s if basic troubleshooting steps don’t work either. Chocoholic gave you a good one but been having people where it doesn’t work either.

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