Unable To Verify Uphold Account On Android

I just Connected My Uphold Account to Brave on Windows Application without any error & when I tried adding it from the android device I was unable to add my Uphold to my Android Brave Browser even Though I have only connected it to only one brave browser i.e in my Windows.

Please let me Know Whatโ€™s the error?

Hi and welcome. Try doing the steps in the link below.

Greetings, I want to tell you that I found a way to verify the wallet on android cell phones, in ios I donโ€™t know if it will work, if you canโ€™t verify your wallet, uninstall the app and do the process without having the app installed, you will receive an email and confirm it . Basically do it without having the uphold app. as of this writing i finished connecting brave with my uphold wallet, bless you all.

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You can authenticate without deleting the Uphold app. It would be nice if the uphold app handles the authentication, but it doesnโ€™t seem to solve the error yet.

When connecting to the Uphold website for authentication, if you set the setting that connects to the app now to the Always Ask setting, you can connect to the web and authenticate when requesting authentication.

korean version

english version

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