Tips to youtube channel not coming through

I self tipped my youtube channel 38 BAT and it has not come through yet. I am registered on brave creators with a gemini linked account. I would like some assistance in getting the tip through before brave creators pays out to my gemini account.

My phone wallet is not verified.

here is screenshot of interface on my phone

here is screenshot of my brave creators dashboard

I have since tried to remove my yt channel yesterday, and re add it. But the bat tip still has not come through.

I need help. Bump. please help me any staff

Hi @mini, I read many posts from multiple forums about self-tipping, and it seems as though it’s always been a bit of a grey area that is currently leaning toward a solid black NO (in my opinion). It seems probable that your account has been flagged for self-tipping, but only support can determine this.

I’m sure one of the team will respond as soon as they can and assist you. Till then you can bump your thread every day or two to keep it visible.

Good luck!

Just a few threads I’ve read on this matter:

Actually, what @mini did makes sense, in my opinion. Basically he’s asking: if I can’t even tip myself, how can I be sure that people can tip me? The question is perfectly legitimate, so Brave staff should clarify this point.

No grey area at all. The tipping process is completely anonymous. Brave have now way of telling whether a tip is from your own device or came from your auntie who likes your YouLube channel. There is nothing to stop you self-tipping BAT you earn from seeing ads.

This confusion goes back to the days of user Grants. Brave stopped giving these out well over a year ago. Read up on it here:

Make sure you understand the difference between a Grant and BAT you earn as a Reward for seeing ads. Then look at this bit:

This is from one of the BAT Team, not some ill-informed or confused user on this community.

Hi @gmacar and @klompje , I was neither agreeing nor disagreeing on the topic of self-tipping; only pointing out that it could be a probable reason for the OP’s issue.

Self-tipping is still too much a grey area, in my opinion, and Brave’s policy on it should be clearly put out there. The potential to be flagged seems mostly random (*random here meaning mostly tip amount, from very large to as little as 20-something), judging by Creators’ own accounts found across the Web. Even Brave staff and help have/ had conflicting advice out there on this topic that further confuses, unless you see what happens around May '20…

For example, post #7 in “Self tipping for creators” is it’s fine, then you go to post #11 three months later and it’s stop doing it.
In “Self tipping is allowed or not?”, post #2 & 6 are back to it’s okay, but…. until an official no, it really isn’t with the final post…

It seems to me a resounding decision was made by Brave to not favour self-tipping around May '20, so I feel more comfortable telling Creators they shouldn’t do it… but of course it’s really up to them.

Edit: These aren’t rando users giving this advice in the links I provided, either… it’s Asad and Mattches. Also, there’s a mixture of both ads and grants being discussed, but mainly ads. I won’t pretend to know about Grants, but it seems their ending happened around October, months after Asad and Mattches advised people to stop self-tipping. I could be wrong and welcome corrections, if so.

Edit to add link on same topic, may be insightful to some Still waiting for my creator tips to payout to uphold - #7 by saereV

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