Self tipping for creators


I actually heard about Brave browser from some sort of airdrop website. There, Your promotion was described as free tokens, that you can transfer to your creator Youtube channel.

I had some free BATs for the beginning, I transferred them all to my own Youtube account as a tip. I did not receive those a tip, so I tried again and again, until my free BATs were spent. So I started looking up the forums, and only then i learned about the delay in payments or the prohibition for self tipping.

Guys, what the hell? Why do you allow a feature, that You ban somewhere in small print in some sort of user agreement? Even if you feel no problem with that, as you can see, you open yourself for misinformation from third parties.

I literally had no idea I could not do this. Maybe add a block to self tipping? Or if you feel lazy, maybe add a big honking text, warining not to self tip? If your system starts banning innocent users, You will get a lot of bias, I’m sure.

I really love the browser so far, I think that was just some unforseen circumstance, but there you have it. Please, try to do something with it! And please don’t block me or smthn :smiley:
Boy, I was mighty suprised to see, that my account can get suspended for this.

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Hi @LukaszGuc, I checked and you’re definitely not suspended. We’re okay with SMALL amounts of self-tipping to just test how the system works – it’s larger amounts that we are not okay with. Understandable that you’d be confused as it’s more or less a gray area at the moment.

Send me a DM and we can look into refunding you any BAT that you lost. :slight_smile:

Why is self-tipping banned at all?

@Mason Because of bot accounts tipping one receipient - golddiggers. Idea is to change the financing method for Internet creators. Those people abuse it.

@Asad - I think I did not really loose anything in the process. Those few BATs are waiting for payout on my Uphold Creators Account. I just pointed out a fresh user feedback. Lack of easily accessible info was the real issue for me :wink:

No harm done to me anyway, You don’t have to reimburse anything. Thank You for your help and concern. Quality service indeed :slight_smile: I wish your team good luck! :slight_smile:

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Anti-fraud, more or less :slight_smile: