Tips Fully not sent

I had send 10BAT Tips 2 Times to my Creator account but only 1 tip is sent but only 20 BAT is detected from my reward


Hi @raza231198, welcome to community!

Would you mind providing a bit more context around the issue? Thanks in advance!

Same here. I also sent 2 tips to my creator account and didn’t receive BAT until now.

yes I got that problem too Im new at brave and got a 20BAT I try tipping myself and got only 9.50 instead of 20

well if that happen I can’t assure that my tips are going to my supported creators

Well, those grants were given to tip your fav creator/publisher, it is not right to tip ourselves, I did the same mistake, better stop doing it or else the account may get suspended.
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After an hour i still havent receive my tip

that’s why i tried tipping myself to legitimately know that It goes to my content creators . 2nd I’m not creating a dummy account with no content just to collect Brave user BAT my YT channel had some content posted a while ago. 3rd there is no such thing tipping yourself is not allowed if there is can you highlight it for me. 4th If you can’t tip yourself why bother watching ads for no rewards at all or you can’t use it by yourself. If I missed something tell me Ill humbly accept if I did a mistake . I’m a dumb reader sometimes

I sent myself tokens as a creator and it took over an hr for them all to transfer but they did transfer. Im assuming on dec 5 they will be transfered to my uphold account.

I didn’t receive mine until now.

@steeven any help? Im new at this platform . Still I didn’t receive my BAT

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