Tips send but not recive my account

Hello brave community today isend my tips my youtube chanel but still iam waiting i dont recive my tips why? And my brave tips folder are showing me my tip are send


Same to you dude. I also didn’t get my Bat token


Same thing happening to me. Sent 3 days ago and didn’t received any.


Yep. Sent my twitter account, @themcgwire some of my bat from my mobile wallet rewards because there is no way to get it to uphold currently and none of it has appeared or even in pending…should have by now. Have heard some in community say tipping to yourself is not allowed…but never seen this from the brave representatives…they don’t do a good job of highlighting this aspect and giving forewarning if that is indeed why my I have not recieved my tips. My mobile wallet confirms that I tipped to the account. Wish somebody could help me out with this and Brave prevents people from losing their bat this way


Same here bro

I sent about 20 hours ago, but didn’t received yet

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Self tipping is actually disabled. You won’t get what you have tipped your YouTube account. Ask any of the verified developer in this community to get help in getting back your BAT.

But still wait for 24 - 30 hrs. Sometimes it take 24 hr to reflect the tip in your Brave Creator page.

Thank You


Same problem here i sent about 24 hours ago


How do I get in contect with one?

I didn’t know self tipping was disabled until I ran into this problem. Wish they emphasized this a little bit more rather than letting people fail and then offering little to no recourse for it

its there on the TOS no self tipping…

Developers have been telling this for months. But don’t worry. If you have tipped through your iPhone or Android phone then chances are that you would get that tip in your Creator’s account. And this would happen within 2-4 days. But if you have tipped through your PC or Mac that has Uphold account linked with it then chances are near to 0.

I am neither a verified user nor a developer for the Brave team. I am just an ordinary user like you and the rest of the others. Just helping other people. Find someone with a Brave logo on the bottom right side of their profile picture and ask them to look into this if you think you have messed up.

Thank You

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I also tipped myself on my twitter and I am missing all my BAT

Well just wait for it a bit longer, it will show up. Mine showed after 3 days.

I did a test tip to myself. Just one time to see how the process works.
I believe i got the tip to my account (minus 0.5 bat for some reason… is there a fee for tipping??), as it came from ‘@BravePublishers’, but no details in the transfer. Would be good to know where it came from.
Took 3 days, but even in some of the docs it says it could take 10 days.

Also came across this in another thread:

Self-tipping is okay under certain threshholds; excessive self-tipping will result in your BAT being frozen. If you want to self-tip to test the system, please use the smallest amounts possible to avoid being flagged for fraud. Self-tipping from the Android build of Brave to your own publisher site as a means of offloading mobile BAT is also not permitted – a working withdrawal function for BAT on Android is on the way. Until then, BAT on Android is solely intended to be used to tip creators who you would like to support.

Just FYI.

In my scenario I had to replace my cell phone and tipped 240+ BAT to my YouTube channel so that I wouldn’t loose months of ads views. The BAT were all from ads views. Fortunately, I did get the information from brave:\rewards-internals before I RMA’ed so I have the account information but I don’t have the phone anymore. So it wouldn’t make since to refund back to that account. Since I couldn’t backup the keys, what else was I supposed to do to get my rewards. After 2 weeks I only received 32.54 BAT out of the 240 BAT I transferred. Makes me wonder how many BAT that are being tipped are actually being received by the recipient. Wonder if I’ll ever get my ~$30 back or not, guess we’ll see.

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