I keep getting BAT but I don't know where from

Hello all! My first time here, please don’t kill me for this question.
So, I’m a creator and I have a few channels (and referral links) that I keep posting on my social media.
The main referrals (download-install-confirmation) are working fine, even if sometimes I don’t know why I don’t get confirmation because most of my friends are using the app.

Anyway, some people are tipping my youtube channel and they showed me the screenshots, but, I got less than 25% of all their tips. Also, I can’t see any tipping history.

Any idea why this happens? Thanks!

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Hi @aav.soft – don’t worry, our support team only sets our phasers to kill in the most extreme of situations :wink:

Tips do process in chunks over a period of a few days; also, there are sometimes bugs with self-tipping (we recommend you don’t do this). If your balances aren’t updated by the time next payout rolls around, let us know – but you should be paid out then :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I will wait then. :smiley:
What do you mean by “self-tipping”? Like tipping my own channel from my own brave account?
Also, regarding these tips, is there any way that we can see some history for them? Like, where they came from or maybe just the timestamp and the amount?
And just one more thing, if I receive a 1BAT tip, does brave take some commission?

Yeah, self tipping refers to tipping your own channel(s).

You can see a record of tips YOU’VE sent, but incoming tips are totally anonymous. You can’t see who tipped you what – the system is designed this way.

Brave takes roughly 5% of tips as a processing fee, yes :slight_smile:

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I confesion I sent myself tips. but I thought only way to I could throw the 20 bats to my verified uphold. and to my family, to my friends and invited them. they gave me their first bats as a tip. I did not receive my tips from another country. he was the one my refferal. And what my cousins sent me didn’t received too. i did not receive at all.

I’m a novice, i am newbie and I’m guilty. You can kill me :pensive:

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Well, wait a minute. That doesn’t seem to be something wrong. You referred to some people (family, friends, strangers) and they gave you a tip. This is how it should work. I can tip whoever I want to support.
Why should this be a problem?

Unless, Brave marks as “self-tipping” the BATs that came from the same IPs (if you live with your family and they have their devices on the same network), or something similar to this.
@Asad is this how the algo works? :thinking:


It’s mostly huge self tips that we’re concerned with; this can often indicate fraudulent activity. Family/friends etc. is perfectly fine. :slight_smile: Sometimes our algo gets a bit too eager and can cause problems with small self-tips though.


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