Self tipping is allowed or not?

Just want to know is self tipping to my own YouTube channel is allowed or not (bats earned by seeing ads)

I already linked 4 devices to my uphold wallet and I have two more devices the only way withdrawing bats from them is by self tipping. @Mattches @steeven


It’s allowed but you shouldn’t do it since you can be suspended as a creator due to fraud.

Recommendation: if you are going to do it just do it on small amounts and in spaced intervals.

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What is the difference between BAT earned from Ads vs BAT grants from Brave’s User Growth Pool (UGP)? BAT earned from Ads is pretty clear and everybody knows that. I am not understanding BAT grants and where I can see that? From tipping guidelines, it is clear that we can tip to ourselves if the BAT is earned from Ads. Correct me If I am wrong.

@ambrocioisaias2808 Do you have any ideas on this?

BAT grants are no more ,it was a pool earlier to distribute BAT to everyone.
everyone got around 20 BAT on download earlier and also some grant war given every month just to spread BAT. These grants were time limited and were only meant for tipping others.
BAT earned from ads do not expire and can be self tipped.

If self tipping is allowed for BATs earned from Ads then on what basis accounts are getting suspended?


Well as for the past question i think you already have an answer.

As for the last one:

To avoid fraud, is like when Youtubers use bots to pump their numbers (i’m talking on donating big amounts of BAT).

Here are some past quotes from a team member

Due to the comments on that thread, is fine to self tip your montly earnings (i repeat according to that thread since advice of @Asad) but self tiping, for example, 600BAT acummulated from the past two years lets say, well it can be checkout and can result in a suspended or reviewed, this to detect abuse of the system or bots.

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Do not self-tip. It will likely get you flagged by our fraud detection system.

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