Sent 7 BAT to my YouTube channel today. Didn't receive them yet

I sent 7 BAT to my YouTube channel today. But didn’t receive them yet.
And because of this, I’m now hesitant to tip another 15 BAT to my YouTube channel.

Please check.
I had faced this issue earlier also and I’m not sure where my BAT went.

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I lost 20 bat to this problem when brave opened up. It sucks and I don’t know where it went either…

Self tipping is not Allowed… Read TOS properly… The grants you get a for tipping other publishers

So what happens to those BAT?
Will I get them back?

I actually didn’t know this concept of no self tipping.

Hi @veera910, as @Rasmoat said, self tipping is not allowed. It could lead to your account being suspended.

Unfortunately any tips made cannot be refunded.

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