Didn't receive the bats i tipped to myself

Hello, since i linked my Uphold account to the browser wallet, i started to receive only the monthly payment on Uphold, and all the bat i already had were stuck. To solve this problem, i created an account on Brave Creators and verified my Youtube channel, in order to tip myself the remaining bats. It’s been 10 days since my donation and i still didn’t receive my bats on Creators. How could i proceed?
My Uphold account is already verified also


Same here! … I get the message “Channel will be transferred from current owner in a short time.” in my Creators account.

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Self-Tipping is ban able.
Its against the ToS, so don’t do it.

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I’m pretty sure i read in this forum that it wasn’t against the rules, but thank you for the information, i’ll just wait and see tho

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Payments of previous month are processed during payouts next month. You can expects your payment sometime during middle of next month.

Do post an update if you get your payment.

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Can you send a screenshot of your Creators Account?

You’ll receive your payment during August payout.

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Nowhere in the TOS does is state that self tipping is against the rules.

What it does say is that self tipping grants that are given to brave users for promotional purposes and not earned from ads is against the terms of service and extra security is added on these tokens to make sure that they are sent to content creators to promote the Brave browser and BAT project.

But at the end of the day - Brave has all the power sadly and they can ban anyone if they really want to - this needs to be more de-centralised as it is a crypto project - so it would be great if this was all on a block chain, give power back to the people.


I once had asked a guy to self-tip in order to get his BAT withdrawn from his Android.

But then a MOD sent me a Private Messaged me that its against the rules and may have consequences with the Creators account.

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Update: my tip disappeared from the tips section in brave rewards, but i still didn’t receive the bat in my Brave Creators account.

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It’s not against the ToS.

I had issues withdrawing BAT (don’t we all?). So I self-tipped. Of course, Creators BAT also had issues withdrawing.

So I PM-ed a mod, told him the whole story, including the part about self-tipping. He helped me withdraw both my BAT and Creators BAT, no questions asked.

There is no irregularity. Self-tipping is fine.

Most people violate ToS due to the old days with a referral system. They asked their followers to tip them, or they created multiple accounts and tipped themselves.

However, self-tipping is still not a recommended approach. Brave doesn’t like to see BAT get shuffled around. Moreover, the additional layer of complexity introduces more problems and points of failure.

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I got this PM from a MOD when I had asked a guy to self-tip. So that is what I was explaining here.

Thank you for the clarification. I still got helped, maybe they do not encourage it but they do not penalise anyone who tried, unless the person persistently does so with no good justification.

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Self-tipping is not good for the Bat ecosystem. That is why some Mods are not happy with that. Maybe in future, they will announce an update on this.

By the way, I’m also waiting for my Creator payout to Uphold. I have 13 Bats in publishers account. Thanks to contributors.

In the meantime, I received the browser rewards today.

A colleague from different country tipped me today for testing, I didn’t received anything. He tipped to my blog as well as to my Twitter. Also, the Tipped Bat was not debited from his account. At the same time, he was able to tip other creators and received notification about Bat debit.

Either my account have a problem or I need to wait for the payout schedule and processing time.

Well, my bat was debited, but still not appearing at Brave Creators. I’ll wait til 13th august and update this topic.

Update: apparently, my BAT was lost.

Does publishers.basicattentiontoken.org not show the tips received? You can see all the tips you have made from your browser, here- brave://rewards-internals/ > Contributions

nothing there, already checked

This is strange. Tips should not vanish from brave://rewards-internals/ > Contributions. Were you able to see them earlier and they vanished off late?