This is the day I switch back to Firefox

Today is the day I switch back to Firefox.

I love you guys, I really do, but you just don’t care. Brave is a fantastic browser, full of great ideas, but also full of bugs. And when we try to help you, you simply don’t care.

Getting BAT in the process of using a browser is great, it’s a nice touch, but this is not why I’m here. I didn’t receive a single ad for almost a month, but it doesn’t matter, I can live with that. But I can’t support you when @Mattches can’t keep his own promises.

Your iOS version isn’t serious (you can’t be serious with that UX, right?), you never update it, sync doesn’t work… at this point I’m just tired of debugging tirelessly for a team that - simply - don’t - care.

Then, of course, there is that topic.

And again, not getting BAT isn’t important: but as an engineer, I want a reliable piece of software that works. I don’t care if I get 1 BAT a month (I’m getting 0 BAT with Firefox) but I want the advertised functions to work. And now, they don’t.

I wish you the best. I will come visit you sometimes…


firefox)))))))))) this broser still exist?)))

I don’t know the full details regarding the BAT issues, But even if you didn’t use BAT/Brave rewards and just use Brave as a browser (Because BAT doesn’t exist on Firefox), then why not this option?

IOS is slowly improving, sure it’s a work in progress.



i fully agree - this is a great project but a piece of software on the level of 2 high school kids. Full of bugs - getting BATs is like a lottery and after getting a ticket number you are lost. Having a ticket means you will never hear anything

I can also add, the very very few answers people/members get on this forum from Brave team, and the non existing answers even BAT ambassadors (don’t) have, so…

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Like @ehquionest said, 80% of the threads here are about BAT issues and none of the Brave Team gives real answers. You just have to click anywhere to see a BAT issue. (I even href a link inside my original post, you just have to read it to “know the full details”.

I just want something that works. If I have to launch Safari twice a day, what’s the point? Disabling a broken function doesn’t remove the fact that it was not working in the first place.

Like… visit this page. Why the video isn’t working ? Even when Shields off? Now everytime I visit a page with a big white space, I suppose that something is missing.

We have to trust you guys. That’s part of the deal. And we can’t.

Neither your browser nor you, here.

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Once again, I respect and appreciate your feedback.
For what it is worth, we are more than aware of the high volume of issues surrounding Rewards and have had several meetings in the last week on how we can resolve the open issues plaguing our users.

For your Rewards issues, I will DM you after replying here with an update, if you’re still interested.

As for the issues you mention above:

  1. The video on this site loads and plays for me without any issues with default Shields settings on both Windows and macOS systems. What I do notice is that Autoplay isn’t allowed, the in-line player does not initiate. Try allowing Autoplay for the site and see if that resolves the issue. cc @fanboynz on whether or not this is to be expected or if it can be avoided.
  2. This site also appears to render as intended on my end. You mention a big white space but I’m not sure I see what you’re describing. I also visited the site in Chrome and FF and see the site displayed the same as it does in Brave. Can you elaborate and/or show me what you’re referring t here?

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Nope. I use Brave as a (hopefully) privacy focused browser for which to me it seems to work pretty well…

I have to second the opinions expressed here.

I have switched from Brave to another browser. And I had been a long time user before I finally had to switch.

This forum is almost exclusively about rewards issues. Brave rewards might have been a good idea on paper. But in real life ist a pain in the neck and in my opinion is destroying Brave.

Please devs: Stop this reward craziness!!! Go back to developing a good browser.

And yes, iOS users are the third-wheel. Bugs are rampant and features most often will not get implemented (we still wait for cookie banner filters).

Sorry Brave: You do not care about iOS users or don’t have the resources to do so. So I have to use another browser and have said good-bye to Brave.

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Just use the browser, without using rewards then?

For sure there is some bugs, in all browsers and platforms. Does any other ios browsers support cookie banners? I do see value in that feature, but it also depends on other features to be implemented.

Compared to Android, IOS platform isn’t exactly friendly to 3rd-party browsers.

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I am so tired. I have battled with ongoing issues with Brave for over a year with lack of specific cookie deletion and for 8+ months with SyncV2 issues. Every month the support venues are flooded with people complaining about BAT payout issues yet those of us who could not care less about BAT or crypto and simply want a browser that functions properly are languishing. This is extremely frustrating when I know there are other Chromium based browsers that have not of the sync issues nor cookie deletion.

From this person who first started using Brave back in 2018 and was amazed at the support level in the community regarding issues I am sad to see what has become of the Brave community. Countless posts on issues far by the wayside so much so that I no longer post here on a regular basis.

In a month or so after a major life event is complete I will be looking for a new browser that functions properly. I have lost count how many times I have given Brave a chance to make things right and turn around support and at least make attempts at fixing some of the bugs in the browser. Sad to say that from this end user’s point of view it seems Brave development is more content in solving BAT issues and implementing new features rather than fixing bugs,

It is sad Brave support has not been able to keep up with the demand primarily it appears from people who want to make money using the browser.

Of course other iOS browsers support cookie banners blocking. Safari does it in conjunction with a third party app like AdGuard. iCab is another browser. But there are many more.

And of course I could use Brave without the rewards. But this is not my point. 90 % or so of all support resources here in the forum are dedicated to some crypto stuff. These resources are not free to be used for real browser support then.

So why should I bother with a browser which care more about crypto stuff, does not block cookie banners, is full of bugs and where the devs seemingly don’t give s*** about iOS users? Please tell me.

Purchased and installed iCab (iOS), looking at the settings it won’t block cookie messages. The “Filters (Cookies)” are related to actual cookies and not the cookie banners. That said, iCab has plenty of features that Brave iOS can learn from. iCab (desktop) seems to offer better cookie banner options, as do Brave Desktop via brave://adblock.

Adguard is dedicate content blocker and from my understanding it will only work with selective browsers. Being a dedicated content blocking app, for sure it offers more advanced blocking than us.

I’m not here to argue where resources are put. Implementing cookie banner blocks isn’t a simple switch we can enable, the native iOS content blocker we rely on (like other webkit browsers) is very limited in functionality. Other cosmetic/scriptlet options need to be implemented before hand. We have tickets related to this (below), we are aware it’s important to a lot of people.

Related tickets:

iCab does block cookie banners. Just download and select the right filter lists in the settings.

Being aware of feature requests is not the same as having them implemented. And I know it is not an easy task. But Brave devs simply won’t have the resources to deal with that if 90 % of their resources - judging from this forum - are being held up by crypto stuff.

That blocks very few cookie banners in the EU.
“I don’t care about cookies” blocks almost all of them, instead.

This is because lots of users (especially from a specific group of countries, which includes India) are here just to “earn BATs”: they don’t seem to care at all about privacy or similar topics.

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@gmacar You can’t criticis any specific country without facts, for country like India 1 out of 100000 knows about crypto like (Bitcoin, Doge, Ripple etc) and in regards of Brave Browser I’m sure very very few number of Brave users are from India, they don’t even heard about what is Brave from my personal experience via(college family, friends, neighbours, and from various Social media platforms)
As in images also suggests 60% of users are from US/EU and it’s obvious mostly 6 Millions BATs transactions done from US/EU
so be careful before criticising anyone.


iCab lets you use „I don’t care about cookies“ list as well as many other lists.