Everything that is wrong with Brave

I’ll put this in the feedback section of this forum because it wouldn’t fit into any other topic.

I have stopped using Brave a couple of months ago because using Brave became unbearable. I still continue to use Brave on my corporate Windows desktop PC. But I do not use it anymore on my private Apple-based devices. The lack of customer support and lack of new features that should be implemented into Brave drove me away. There are a couple of threads in this forum where I talked about this. So I won’t repeat it to you.

Today I came back to this form to look for an iOS related problem. This was not for me but for a friend who is using Brave on an iOS device. So I used the search feature in this forum. I got 100 search results.

34 search results, that’s more than 1/3, were about BAT and ad related issues. Dear Brave developers: This perfectly illustrates why Brave is going down the drain rapidly. The whole idea of BAT end ad rewards has destroyed Brave. If more than 1/3 of the search results is about the BAT and ad related issues something is very very wrong. I understand that you, dear Brave developers, don’t get it. I have accepted this. That’s why I stopped using Brave.

This example just shows how much is wrong with Brave and the path that it is going down. Brave rapidly has changed from a reputable and good browser alternative to some crypto crap. I understand that you, dear Brave developers, will keep going down this path because it brings money to Brave. And you don’t care that you lose normal uses. I understand this as well.

But I could have far more respect for you if you would just begin to tell the truth. Brave is nothing more or I should rather say has become nothing more than some crypto crap software. If you want Brave to become like this it’s OK for me. Because then I will stop using Brave even on the one PC where I’m still using it. But please, dear Brave developers, be so frank to tell us. And don’t hide behind “we want to present you an alternative browser“ BS.

Overall I am sad, because Brave started out to be a very good browser. It was on a good way. But then the crypto crap took over and all went down the drain.

That is true, but this is also true that all the people who do not face any issues don’t post anything over here. If all of them post something like “Yay I got my rewards!!” then there might be thousands of posts.


Maybe I’ve been lucky so far but I had no issues with Ads and Brave in general. I am actually using it alongside Chrome (splitting the tabs depending on what I have to do) and I kinda like it. I had minor issues using the in-browser BeIN video player while watching football matches and I just moved over Chrome for that specific task.

Likely an unpopular opinion: people that like Brave, like it because it pays you. They don’t care much about the privacy features. If they really cared about privacy, they would use a better browser.

I’d strongly prefer them to focus on properly fixing bugs on their existing codebase before adding new features. They’re also a bit behind when it comes to updating their third-party tools (good example: how it took them years to add the custom filter URL option to the adblocker). I’m really concerned about them wanting to expand their userbase with the current level of user support, some might remember the PrivacyTools situation a while back.

That’s what the Brave subreddit is for. It kinds of look like a cult when you browse it.

Yes, I think you are completely right. And that’s exactly the problem that I was trying to describe. Brave started as a privacy focused browser project. And it quickly became some crypto crap.

I seems that the people responsible for Brave do not care. Or even worse they want to go down this path.

What I am asking for is that they are frank enough to admit it. Just say that you are not a privacy focused browser anymore but some crypto software. That’s OK. That’s your decision. And it’s mine and that of many other people to stop using your software.

I’m old enough to remember the times when you got paid to have a plug-in or software running on your desktop PC which showed you advertisements. Yes, this was a thing back then in the late 90s. People went crazy about every new player in this market. There was a whole community devoted to this topic. People invented hacks to drive up the payments and ultimately brought down many companies. Brave strongly remembers me of those times.

For me it’s sad to see a good project with even better ambitions go down like this.

The only thing that is wrong with brave is a lifetime “device” limit to wallet custodians of 4 without the means to manage these connections at all. Making you unable to receive the cryptos.

I agree with this one.

But they are saying that it is being worked on. So, it may be fixed in the future.

Well, there was a bug that unlinked peoples uphold accounts and got them over the limit. Hopefully that accelerates the process. Because I cant verify my PC anymore either.

Thank you for proving my point. Unintentionally though, but you proved my point just perfectly.

Though I’m not sure you actually understood what the thread is all about.

You are welcome. I understand it perfectly. Your point is subjective though.
I mean, brave is 9ne of the best browser off the bunch. With the crypto stuff added. Which makes it special.
For what I gather just looking over the forum here, people for the most part are happy with the browser in itself. But are having issues with the whole crypto stuff it features.
Whenever there is some form of money involved, people will report every penny they lose from the feature.
That is just the nature of things. And as long as brave does not have that under control, it will remain the main focus of the forum.
I wish it wasn’t. But here we are.

And yes, this will take away from actual browser development. But it is what it is.


They said they were working on it, but they haven’t said anything positive about it for so long it’s very likely dead.

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