Decent browser features but BAT Rewards is a scam!

I have used Brave for a long time and agree it is a far superior browser to others, BUT their BAT rewards is a scam. They dangle this reward to bring people to their browser. Then when it comes time to reward people the rewards just disappear randomly and when called on it we get nothing but excuses. Never a solution. And their excuses are BS. Either they blame it on Uphold/Gemini or your browser is out of date or some other excuse. Uphold always comes back saying it is on Braves end. And I find it funny how if we don’t upgrade to a new updated browser (when they come out) we lose our rewards. Hmmm. How convenient.

I have received rewards intermittently over the past year or more, but there have been many months that I have got nothing. And this month (Jan) I had 4+ BAT coming to me and it is Feb 15th and there is NO sign of them. It appears that Brave receives money from their advertisers, that we agreed to see, but do not pay us as agreed.

I know people are going to just on here and tell me it is not a scam and there must be something wrong on my end because they get all their rewards. And that is great for you, until you all of a sudden stop getting them. Look at all the people who take their time to get online and call them out on this. This is NOT a problem on our end!

And yes I know we are talking about pennies but that is not the point. The point is, they created this rewards program. They should hold up to their agreement and stop with the excuses and put some effort into fixing this. I thought their rewards/advertising project was genius, but apparently instead of being pioneers and creating a new way to deal with ads, they are going to flop.

Hopefully someone else picks up this great idea and actually makes it work.

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