I love BAT and Brave browser but

Hello, nice to meet you all.
I will be brief, I love BAT I have bought BAT and I hope that in 2 years I will take advantage of it.
And I’ve been using Brave Beta for about 1 month, I have no complaints of any kind, on the other hand it is a very good internet browser, but unfortunately here in Spain we still don’t have Brave Ads.
I hope you can add it soon since it is a very good internet browser but many people uninstall it when they cannot receive the Brave Rewards.
And not yet receiving the rewards I have given him a chance and I can say that it is 10/10 and I am still using it today as my default internet browser.

A greeting.

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Hi @NightRider,

Thank you for taking the time to write in your feedback. We are currently working to extend Brave Ads to new markets.

Thank you for being a Brave user!

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