Brave & BAT Team probably don't hear this enough

I’ve been testing out the much anticipated feature for Brave, Sync, and i’ve been loving it! It works as intended and will only be getting better. It’s nice being able to exclusively use Brave and have all of my bookmarks and what not follow me, no matter the device. iOS 14 will be launching this fall where I can use Brave as a default on my iPhone!

You guys don’t get told this enough, but you guys are doing an amazing job. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Cheers! :beers:


Is sync available in production builds? Or is it just in beta/nightly?

Not for production. Not sure about Beta. I’m on Nightly though. I’m not much help lol

Thank you for the kind words! I’ll make sure the team sees them! :slight_smile:


It should freshly be in Beta (basically, version 1.12) and also in Nightly - arriving in Release roughly August 4th. Personally, I have a sync group setup with my Windows machine, a Linux box, and Android (Nightly - but it should be on Beta now too) and it’s working great! :smile:

Super glad it’s working great for you, @Javin! The iOS version is a bit more complex and we’re working through sync on there too. We’re starting with bookmarks which is nearly done… then moving to other object types. Any recommendations for what you sync? (passwords, auto fill data, extensions, etc?). Definitely excited about the Default browser option too! :slight_smile:


As far as recommendations, I would be cool with just bookmarks and maybe auto fill on things like addresses. Other than that, I use a password manager for password and credit/debit card filling. I’ve never been much of a “extensions on mobile browsers” kind of guy. But that’s just me!

Again, congrats to the team on all the great work on sync. This is a feature i’ve been looking forward to since I started following the project in April-ish of 2018! :tada::lion:

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