User that is wondering on whether Brave has a future as his browser

First I want to apologize for a somewhat long-winded post.

I have been using Brave as my main browser off and on for 2 years. When I first started using it I was amazed at how quick of a response from Brave support people I got in the community here. I have however lately become a bit disillusioned with Brave as my main browser. I can not remember the last time anyone from Brave responded to a community forum post of mine or if I did no follow-ups were done despite multiple follow-up posts by me and others in some threads. Some of these threads were several months of follow-up posts hoping that someone from Brave would respond. No one ever did. The result was I gave up finding a resolution to issues in Brave.

It seems from this end-user at least that Brave has become a break and fix the browser.

They have only recently fixed Sync V2 which was necessitated because Syncv1 was so broken it was causing issues in Brave. Sync v2 in beta and dev versions now apparently shows Open Tabs on other devices. Before it was only showing the last 4 manually entered URLS. This was something I spotted when I was testing the beta back in Jul/Aug 2020 but could not get any response here on the community why I was seeing this. Only after posting a bug report on GitHub did I find out that was a known issue but was how Sync v2 was going to function. Now 4 months later

This end-user has no interest in BAT or crypto but wants a browser to function properly for the 18 hrs a day that it is being used. I often wonder how many of Brave’s reported active users are only using Brave simply for earning BAT and the money that it earns which has fallen drastically.

You pushed out an update last month which caused TIP triangles to suddenly appear in Reddit amongst other places. These TIP triangles were enabled for those of us who had no interest in BAT or have tokens or crypto. Many of us posted over in Reddit how to heck to disable this “feature” as it was not clearly evident how to. This should have been an OPT in option NOT an OPT out one. At least it should have been enabled ONLY for those users who had enabled BAT / Brave Rewards.

I also wonder whether the browser functionality and support are spread thin due to also having to look after BAT payout / missing BAT etc. Due to these issues, I frankly waffle a lot between using Brave and MS Edge Chromium as my default browser. I have no strong allegiance to any particular browser and support is something that I need to have when I find issues in a product.

I just want to be truthful from an end-user who wants a browser to simply function reliably as a browser and not a source of income and to express a bit of frustration that I have had over the years with Brave. Right now I am doing a lot of soul searching on whether Brave has a future being a browser I would mention to others.

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There are many more users now, but the staff is the same, so they don’t have enough time to answer all the questions anymore.

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Yes, that is probably the case but the result is users with nagging issues become frustrated or stop reporting problems since they never get any official interaction. They felt like they are twisting in the wind so to speak.

I hate to use Brave’s Github to report things that are NOT glaring bugs but issues that one encounters using the browser and need direction on how to solve the issue should be handled via the Brave Community.