Switched me from FireFox after years!

I just wanted to thank the Team and the Community here at Brave. I was a hardcore user of Firefox for years because of the privacy it offered and the plethora of add-ons. To me it was the better option given how bad Chrome is for privacy and how terrible Chrome was at the time for memory leaks and hogging resources.

I felt no need to change from Firefox until recently when it started to let me down in terms of performance and issues I was experiencing. I religiously would open bug reports on their community forum and get asked for memory captures etc. and nothing seemed to get fixed. This went on for a period of years and the problems and issues I was experiencing got progressively worse.

I put up with it all because I couldn’t find any other browser that would let me customise the privacy and run the add-ons I want otherwise and then came along a recommendation of Brave.

I installed a copy and monitored it closely and it was exactly what I was looking for. Excellent privacy the way I want it to function and it lets me have access to all the add-ons I want.

On the system I’m running it on with the OS I’m running it on it runs flawlessly and it’s super nimble on memory compared to Firefox and Chrome (which I sometimes run sandboxed in a VM for special purposes).

Anyway… Just wanted to air my experience here and thank all those involved for a great product. I’ve switched and I’m happy I did. I look forward to future revisions and updates.




Nice letter! :clap: and welcome to our community.

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I’m a newer user, too, but I’m liking the performance of Brave on my Windows and Android a great deal. There are some things to be worked out, true, but that’s with most anything*. I like the browser as it is now, some of the future plans I’ve read about (like BAT Roadmap 2.0), and the potential beyond.

*I know of (technical) issues other users have posted about (my OS/ others), but I’ve personally not encountered most of them.

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I’m running it as a Snap package on Linux Mint 20.1 and it’s awesome so far… Some minor feature differences from Firefox but the performance gain, reliability and nimble memory use for me is well worth it.

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