The end of BAT and Brave Browser

I’ve been reading about complains about losing BAT and all for probably a week now and in the last 5 days, I myself have lost 1.1 BAT in total. The number of posts about this bug or whatever is in hundreds. So I guess this is the end of BAT and brave browser. Most technical/creative people don’t usually understand how finance works. However, when a large group of people start losing faith/asset/money on some products/services/company/whatever, your value start to decrease. That’s how BAT exchange price will fall within no time and it will soon disappear like far* in the wind. after a couple of years or so, nobody would probably remember if there was anything called BAT or brave browser. If you guys from Brave browser and BAT don’t want it to happen, I think it is about time you take this issue very seriously


I think they took issue seriously from the start. They gave it top priority. The amount of replies from Brave stuff confirms that, just as updates they did. And they did 3+ in a short time.

Still, I understand your point but there’s no need to have negative thoughts. After all, Brave isn’t just BAT, its much more than that… :two_hearts:

As for BAT specifically -
Im Android user and already saw changes. As far as I can tell, theres no Claim anymore and transfer happens on the first day of the month - without need to Claim anything on 5th day. Am i correct, @steeven?

Only thing Im waiting (as mobile :iphone: user) is - wallet backup feature :heavy_plus_sign: Uphold integration. That would pretty much make Desktop and Mobile users: equal. And give mobile users more control over their funds… :two_hearts:


I guess nobody would be happier than me if things get fixed soon. Brave is something that I started to rely on. Let’s just hope that it was just a temporary hiccup

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If you lost your BAT then send email mentioned below. They will refund your BAT. :smile:

Hope this will solve your problem.

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