Reinstalled Brave because of Crashes Now I am short over 120 BAT

This has happened to me before but not to this extent. Last time I was short about 60 BAT and then magically my entire balance showed up. This time I am short about 120 BAT, which is pretty disheartening. I emailed the support but not sure if they got it or not. I mean, in theory it is free, but at the same time I could use a different browser and not have all the bugs and crashes that happen. Not sure what is lesser of the evils. Any feedback or a fix would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo

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I have 40BAT earning from ads for 4months, but now it lost without reason. LOL

hopefully it shows back up for you at some point. It is pretty frustrating, but I don’t know how mad I can really be because I never actually spent a dime on any of this. But the promises are there, so I think it is ok to be upset? Not sure, what do you think?

Hi @Skepptix - it looks like your issue is related to this bug, which is currently being fixed - Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3.

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