I did not authorize the Auto-contribution

I turned Auto-contribution off when I installed this and months later my uphold just notification me that your system took 20 BAT away from me and I went to check setting and it was ON which I did not turn it on! I would like my 20 BAT back please.

See For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug for your issue.

Apologize for the inconveniences.

I have sent a response to support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org. Got automatic reply and saying this is not active support email address and will not reply at all!

cc @steeven @asad for confirmation here

Sorry about that. It should be refunds@brave.com :slight_smile: Alternatively, if you send me your brave://rewards-internals in a DM (dont share this info with anyone else) I can issue you a refund.

I have sent you a direct message.

I have still not gotten my refund :frowning:

I have the same annoying issue. I never activated the auto-contribution. Then it was active and I didn’t know how much BAT has been contributed until I recognized that it’s active. So I turned it of immediately but today I recognized again that it was active again. There was again a list oft sites which has been auto contributed without my agreement. I hope there is a fix soon!

@eljuno @steeven @Asad

My issue been not resolved.

Refund issued :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

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Thank you so much, I hope you’re doing good aswell!

Today I faced this bug. this bug auto contributed all earned bat to BravePublishers.
@Asad sir I have send you DM

I just lost 2 months of accumulated BAT to unauthorised Auto-Contribute. I remember switching off Auto-Contribute in all my browsers, so not sure how this happened. Could you refund the BATs?

@ishreyas @RameshK please send an email to refunds@brave.com with your estimated BAT amount that was lost as well as your brave://rewards-internals data.

@Asad I just sent the email. Thanks.

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