Estimated BAT dropped from ~18 to ~2 BAT after updating version

My estimated BAT dropped from ~18 to ~2 BAT after updating version ( Version 1.14.81 ).

This is becoming so frustrating. And support for this kind of issues is close to non existent.

To be honest the issues are just piling up regarding BAT earnings. Last month I didn’t get my ad payouts until 2 days ago (which were significantly lower than previous months and did not match the estimation) and now I lost about 16 BAT in estimated earnings again for updating to the newest version.

The best feature with Brave was the BAT earnings, but now the BAT earnings are severely compromised in my opinion. Instead of things getting better they getting worse.

I am seriously considering going back to my previous web browsers that that have way better sync between devices and do not require frequent updates (that make things worse for me - eg losing BAT that I am tricked into believing that I am earning and having to reorganise my working environment on browser update).


@steeven helped me get back the lost BAT. See this thread:

It’s nice that he helped out and I will give Brave another shot for the time being. But if these issues persist and I have to spend a lot of extra time just to get back lost BAT then I will switch back to my previous browser. It’s just not worth the hassle to me if Brave is unreliable in this way.

But they did make this right with me.

PS: I know it’s not easy to build a new kind of browser but when one makes bold claims in order for people to change up stuff one needs to keep them come true or people will leave.

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