Trouble with Ads, Now I'm losing BAT

I’m running brave browser on my mobile phone android. I was getting many ads yesterday and none of them credited to my BAT total. Now today I’ve started to notice my total BAT earned is starting to go down in volume. How can this be? Why would you remove the amount earned?

Brave app version1.8.112

Also I lost around 28 BAT last month when there was problems, I was never given them back? Is it really that unstable? Should we not use the latest updates?

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I am also seeing the Estimated pending rewards BAT go down after viewing ads too. I am on Windows. I have been tracking my numbers on a spread sheet so I know it is not a memory issue.
Version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have stopped using Brave for the mean time. I do not want to loose more of my hard earned BAT.


Same problem here i had loss 47.2 bat on ads.

steeven told me that the problem was fixed. And I been using it for the last 4-5 hours and it seems to be working as it used to. So as far as I can tell, the issue I have seen has been corrected. Your loss of BAT sound like a different issue.

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Agreed, as I’m im using an app and your using the browser on PC. I’m such an advocate for Brave. I honestly think its a huge future in the crypto. Hope it gets fixed.

I lost all my BAT today. Ad notifications received this month went to 0

I’ve been reading about such complains about a week now and in the last 5 days, I myself have lost 1.1 BAT in total. The number of posts about this bug or whatever is in hundreds. So I guess this is the end of BAT and brave browser. Most technical/creative people don’t usually understand how finance works. However, when a large group of people start losing faith/asset/money on some products/services/company/whatever, your value start to decrease. That’s how BAT exchange price will fall within no time and it will soon disappear like far* in the wind. after a couple of years or so, nobody would probably remember if there was anything called BAT or brave browser.

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