BAT dropped after I closed and then reopened the Brave Browser

Hello, have been using Brave all day. was almost to 3 BAT. Then I closed and relaunched Brave and the $$ dropped to (2.135 BAT) $3.19. I do have a screen shot from earlier this morning showing when it was at $3.89 (2.735 BAT). How do I get that BAT back? Why are BAT rewards disappearing?

Same happened to me. I checked my uphold wallet transactions and it said that I sent 0.25 BAT to @BravePublishers? I don’t remember doing this at all. I was out of the house the entire day and come back to see that…

Thank you, Doe that mean that we’ll be restored the BAT we’ve earned (but disappeared) for April’s rewards?

Yes somethimes this bugs happends to me but suddenly they appear again or just in paid day they add them

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