Lost all my rewards after manually updating because auto update was not working

I want to know why this bug happened. i have lost 140BAT

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I’ve lost mine too. Looking at threads here and on Reddit, it seems lost BAT is a common problem for one reason or another.

I started collecting BAT with the hope that their value will rise and I can one day tip content creators a decent amount of BAT, without having to pay income tax, as the BAT I collect are never sent to my wallet.

This feature should be a priority to ensure it works correctly, as otherwise it becomes just another browser, IMO.

Couldn’t tip anyone so I updated my brave mobile app. Now I can tip everyone but my wallet is empty. About 200 bat gone instantly.

That’s a pretty big bummer.

Anyone want to offer some acknowledgment of this issue atleast?

It seems like Brave is a scaam (they don’t even allow the word scaam!), I hate to say it, but it’s so convenient that they lose all your BAT and can’t recover it for so many people. What goes around comes around. They didn’t even reply to my post about losing BAT. My computer died, and I installed it on another computer with the key phrase, but a year’s worth of BAT was gone! They gave no reply or help. Nothing.

Brother, I feel you to my core.

I feel like such a damn fool for enthusiastically clicking on hundreds of ads for nothing. I worry that you’re correct and Brave will not make this right. They’ve had more than a year to implement withdrawal on mobile but all I hear is “It’s Coming”. Because they’ve made it impossible to move my BAT and disallowed self tipping I had to lose it all in one go.

I feel dissatisfied that there is no support email. It forces me to bitterly post my grievances on a public forum.

Finally, I feel dissatisfied that there is not even a token response to this and other posts about this issue.

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Great description of how I feel - “like a fool.” Then, when you want to withdraw, you have to dox yourself on the Uphold website. You can’t just transfer the BAT to Metamask or a crypto exchange. Wtff? (they won’t let you post wtff…are you kidding me?) When I first started to use Brave, I didn’t think there would be a question that the funds could be moved around to wherever you wanted.

But of course, you can’t withdraw, because they lost your BAT. So many people wasted time and energy, and Brave is so unprofessional. You are well spoken, be proud of that. Perhaps you have a writing career ahead of you. Take care.

Haha thanks man! I expect to be griping on this forum for the next few months… Unless Brave throws a curveball and corrects the issue.

The same happened to me. I was feeling the same frustration as yourself, but after updating I received my missing BAT for that month, then a week or two later I received what I assume is the missing BAT from the previous 2 months. I now seem to have all my claimed BAT, my pending BAT, AND I now get regular notifications on all 3 devices.

Maybe try deleting both your app data and cache, then remove the app, reboot, reinstall and restore your wallet. A completely fresh install of recent updates seems to have fixed my 2 Android and 1 Windows installations that were giving a mixture of rewards and notification problems. It took a couple of weeks for Windows to resolve itself, but Android started working after a day or so.

Hope this helps.

Uninstalling my app and deleting my cache was a bad suggestion. Now instead of being zeroed out my wallet is just gone.

Of course I don’t blame you. It’s braves fault for not having any recovery options for mobile.

Yeah, that’s the problem. I refuse to update my current version because I do NOT trust Brave, and I am afraid I’ll lose a year’s worth of BAT. This is ridiculous, who is running this browser…?

Then, i think better to ask your friend to use the browser and send the tips one among each others.

Instead of giving tips to unknowns this might be a good idea. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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