Switch to New Tab When Opening Link

Oh, yes - it would be so nice to have an option in the settings to have each link from the address bar/URL/bookmarks by a single left mouse click.

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Offer the option of immediately shifting focus to a newly opened tab as just that – an option – for those of us who are accustomed to this behavior in other browsers. As noted above, this option was avalable in Brave’s Muon version. Port that code to Brave’s current version.

• No need to write new code.
• No need to test new code.
• No need to debug new code.
• Port the relevant Muon code to Chromium.

Folks who don’t want the option can ignore it. Those of us – accustomed to other browsers – will have the option of consistent behavior across browsers. I’m agnostic about which option should be the default, but offer the choice.

Hi @nicecap and @redbike9,

Thanks for your post, and for the feature request! I’ll be sure and pass this on to the team.

Thanks again!

Hi, folks, is there a way to open links in new tab? (I understand this is being requested as a feature as per the other posts here) but is there something else one can do now to open links and bookmarks in a new tab? Press cntl? something else? an extension? (what is that called?) I am really frustrated that every link or bookmark opens in the same page instead of a new tab, so I am looking for a shortcut other than cutting and pasting into a new tab and then going back to the other page and clicking back to go back to other tab’s content. Thanks!

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Hi @dabren - you can right click and select ‘open link in new tab.’

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Yes, but even with that, the new tab is not opened as the current one. You then have to go click on the newest tab.
If the only option is to right click the link, it would be nice if that new tab opens also. Isn’t that the whole point of opening in a new tab, that you actually want to view that link?


This is my thinking too. I would love to have this feature in Brave.


Hi there. I see that back in July 2019 you said you would put this in as a feature request. I have to do a lot of searches and when I click on a link, I want a new tab to open with a single click. Yes, I can right click and open in a new tab, but when you have a lot of searches to do and you want to keep the search engine open and you end up on a new site in the same tab sometimes when you forget to right click, blah blah blah. It’s just a feature that should not be that difficult and I see many others (including those who have not asked) would like this feature. If I’m missing it somewhere and it has been done, please let me know. Thanks.


It seems like today’s the day for dormant threads about feature requests to come back to life.

Shifting focus to a new tab when it’s opened should be the default. Indeed, in other browsers (including at least one that’s Chromium-based) opening a new tab shifts focus to the newly-opened tab. Adding insult to injury — rubbing salt in an unhealed wound — Brave included this option in its early Muon version.

As with some other feature requests, there’s an extension that does the job. In this case, one option is Tab Activate

The not-so-good news — resolving this (and other issues) with extensions has potential downsides: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/03/the-case-for-limiting-your-browser-extensions/

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Thanks for the tip.

Hope they’ll fix this properly some day.

Don’t think anybody is listening.

My solution is to drag and drop urls to the tab bar, works for bookmarks too.

Also if you use Google then you can set the options there to ‘Open each selected result in a new browser window (=tab)’.

All sub optimal though, where is the problem with providing this feature?

I’m surprised to see this still has not yet been implemented. Ctrl click and opening a link without switching to it is also required and I use it constantly

Just so there is no confusion, you can ctrl + click (cmd + click for mac users) on a link to open it in a new tab. Additionally, you can use ctrl + shift + click on a link to open it in a new tab and switch to that tab:

I have always used the above method to open links in a new tab but all of a sudden it doesn’t do it any more. Can you help? its really annoying - at the moment i am having to select and copy the current search bar address, click on the link which then opens in that same tab and then open a new tab and paste the copied address from the original page… its driving me round the bend! Thanks in anticipation!

If you are using a mouse, you can click on the middle button (Scroll Wheel) and it opens it in a New Tab.

If you aren’t using a mouse, you can use the Brave Search Engine instead of the Google/DDg since it has an option to auto-open links in new tabs.

I do not understand why a selected link from a search page does not open a new tab and focus on that tab. This is basic functionality and, at a minimum, should be an available configuration option (‘Open links in new tab Y/N’).
I am not a coder and lose my search results so freequently because I forget that they were “over-written” in the same tab.

Brand new Z-Book with WIndows 10 Enterprise, Brave browser (updated today) and Brave search engine.

Thank you.

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I agree with mmenkhaus. This is such an obvious need. I’m amazed there isn’t an option to either stay in the same tab or open a new one.

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Other browsers (at least one is Chromium-based) do offer users this option.

If you want it in Brave, the Tabs to Front v2 extension (which I’ve found superior to Tab Activate that I mentioned in a previous message) gives you this option.

Of course, installing any extensions entails risks I’ve mentioned in other posts. I too would like this option built into the browser.

Everything appears to be an extension for basic functionality. This seems to be the pattern with this browser along with the associated security risks as many have alluded to.

Yeah Ctrl + Click does work fine but it would have been nicer and easier to add that option in the settings. Most of other browsers provide this option.
Many times lack of these small features make us rethink when we switch browsers.