Not being taken to new tab

MacOS 10.13.6 with Brave 1.11.104

If there is a link in a tab that I want to view in a new tab I Control (Right)-Click the link and select the “Open in new tab” option. However I’m not then taken to the new tab as desired but left in the old tab so I have to then manually select the new tab to view it. All the other web browsers I use automatically make the new tab the active tab for me, so I must have missed a setting in Brave to make sure the new tab becomes active automatically; where is this setting?

I gave up on this along time ago, when I was still using chrome… At that time I went with an extension -

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Thank you, that works for now.

Thanks for the referral to brave://extensions/?id=jlmadbnpnnolpaljadgakjilggigioaj

This thread is tagged as being related to macos. Tab-activate does the job for me using Windows.

History: Brave’s Muon version offered this behavior (immediately shift focus to a newly-opened tab) as an option, but never offered this choice in its Chromium-based version.

Hopefully Brave will fix this bug, but until they do this extension will do the job.

it’s not a bug it’s a missing feature for example
firefox has option to open the link in new tab and go to it or stay on the old one

To-may-to, to-mah-to, just as long as it is FIXED.

Yes, the contextual menu in Firefox has “Open link in a new tab”; so does the first menu option, as does Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, etc., (even iCab has the option in its contextual menu) by default. Brave is remiss in not having the same basic function by default thus requiring a third-party extension to provide it.

um… i’ve seen this for years on chrome… i can tell you one feature request that won’t be implemented… :wink:

Other than this one? :confused:

Like I said, a long time ago, when you opened a link in a new tab in chrome, it would automatically focus on that newly opened tab. Then later the goog decided against that behavior. Now at this time I was either still working at Google or it was not long after I left google… which was about 2012… So from 2012 to now, I’ve just been using this extension to set focus on a newly opened link in a new tab… The behavior of automatically setting focus to a tab opened up from a link is probably never going to be implemented or fixed as some might call it…

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