Option to switch to new tab at opening

As a first time user of Brave, I am getting used to the settings and find that it is very comparable to other browsers I’ve used. However, I don’t see within the settings an open to switch to the new tab when one opens. I understand that not everyone desires that feature, but I have grown accustomed to my browsers being set to that option. Typically, if I open a new tab, it’s because I want to look at the content on the new page, right then. Having to subsequently select the new tab after already selecting the link to where I want to view next, to me, is an extra, unnecessary, and often annoying step. If this settings option does exist, please share with me where I may be overlooking it. If it does not, please consider including one. Thank you.


@DLove if I understood it correctly, you want your Brave to open a new tab every time you open Brave?

The setting is available at Settings > On startup.

No, that’s not it. When I select a link on one tab and the link opens up to a new tab, I want Brave to automatically switch to the new tab so I can begin viewing it immediately. I don’t see an option for that in settings as with other browsers.

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I believe I follow your thinking – however, note that you can ctrl + shift + click (cmd + shift + click on macOS) which will open a link in a new tab and also auto-jump to that tab:

Thank you for the shortcut tip. That’ll be very helpful. However, other browsers have an option in settings to make that happen by default on just click. Any possibility of adding such a feature?

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Are you haphazardly attempting to make this thing a “smart” browser?

This request – shift focus to a new tab when it’s opened – has shown up in previous threads, e.g.: Switch to New Tab When Opening Link

Adding to users’ frustration, code offering this option was included in Brave’s Muon version. There’s no rational reason to not offer this option in Brave’s current version. Amplifying users’ frustration, it’s inconceivable anyone ever would open a new tab but not want to shift focus to the newly opened tab. Port the code from Brave’s Muon version – code that worked perfectly well – to Brave’s current version.

• No need to write new code.
• No need to test new code.
• No need to debug new code.
• Port the relevant Muon code to Chromium.

Folks who don’t want the option can ignore it. Those of us – accustomed to other browsers – will have the option of consistent behavior across browsers.