Opening links in Brave creates a new tab and you need to manually switch to them

When I hold the command key and click on a link, it opens new tab, but it is not active. Then I have to click on the new created tab. How to make the new tab in the open position

I agree: shifting focus to a new tab when it’s opened should be the default. Indeed, in other browsers (including at least one that’s Chromium-based) opening a new tab shifts focus to the newly-opened tab. Adding insult to injury — rubbing salt in an unhealed wound — Brave included this option in its early Muon version.

You didn’t mention either the platform / operating system you’re using or the Brave version, but this may help.

As with some other feature requests, there’s an extension that does the job. In this case, one option is Tab Activate

The not-so-good news — resolving this (and other issues) with extensions has potential downsides:

Wow so many thanks. It works. That was annoying me. I only have a few extensions, as on Chrome so many of them were for security. I am loving this browser. I fell into it yesterday after having problems with both safari and chrome. Each evening while watching something on you tube or from a downloaded video, between 10 and 10:35pm, my whole computer would freeze. We did many house cleanings and nothing helped until now. Brave did not let me freeze. So thanks for your help. Good article about extensions. I will keep that in mind.

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