“Open link in new tab” doesn't focus on the new tab

I switched from Brave (Muon) to Brave v0.55.22 (Chromium), currently updated to v0.57.18.

Under Windows 7 (s/p 1) 32- and 64-bit installations

highlight a bookmark | right-click | select “Open link in new tab”


highlight a url | right-click | select “Open link in new tab”

In other browsers (including Brave v0.25.2 (Muon), Firefox, IE, Opera, Vivaldi …), this sequence opens the link in a new tab and focuses on the newly opened tab. Brave (Chromium) creates a new tab with what’s chosen but fails to select / focus on that tab.

@Mattches advised me to use Shift + Ctrl + Click to open and focus on a new tab. While this key combination works, it’s at odds with other browsers. It would be nice if opening a new tab – you know – opened the new tab.

The special key combination is hardly a deal-breaker, but I wonder if others find this exception to be a nuisance.

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@Frederic I see you’ve withdrawn your post, but I did receive its content in an email message. I suggest you un-withdraw your comment because, if what you suggest were available, it would be great! Indeed, it would Solve The Problem! For those in the dark, the withdrawn content:

doesn’t the setting Preferences => Tabs => Switch to new tabs immediately => toggle to activated fix your issue?

I couldn’t find this sequence of options anywhere in Brave (Chromium) which is, perhaps, why you withdrew your comment. Did this option exist in Brave (Muon)? I don’t remember and I can’t check. Once I successfully transitioned from the Muon version to the Chromium version, I deleted the Muon version.

Suggestion to Brave: recognize the limitations of one-size-fits-all and offer the option of immediately shifting focus to a newly opened tab as just that – an option – for those of us who are accustomed to this behavior in other browsers.


@redbike9 Exactly, I posted to eagerly: my answer was only valid for Muon and apparently mine got updated now to Version 0.56.12 as well. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the follow-up; certainly no need for an apology.

As already noted, your withdrawn comment proposed an elegant solution. Brave (Muon) offered choice / flexibility / options when opening new tabs; Brave (Chromium) doesn’t. This aspect of Brave (Muon) code worked:

Preferences => Tabs => Switch to new tabs immediately => toggle to activate

  • No need to write new code.
  • No need to test new code.
  • No need to debug new code.
  • Port the relevant Muon code to Chromium.

Folks who don’t want the option can ignore it. Those of us – accustomed to other browsers – will have the option of consistent behavior across browsers. I’m agnostic about which option should be the default, but offer the choice.