Brave does not activate new tab when link clicked

When I click on a link on a webpage Brave does not activate the new tab.
I have to manually select the new tab.
I have searched through “Settings” but cannot find a solution ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

v1.29.79 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Win-7 PRO 64-bit

Not every link is automatically opened in a new tab. It depends on the value of the target attribute.

Thank you Rethanis for your reply

I have looked at the “w3schools” link … I haven’t got a clue how I would use it ?
The article appears to be about PARAMATERS on a link address that I create.

My problem is with random links appearing on a web page …
I click any link and Brave does not auto move focus to the just clicked link
I have to manually “move” my mouse up to the tabs-bar and click on the tab I want to look at.
My reason for clicking the link in the first place.

My current browser (Pale Moon) has a global setting to …
activate (move focus to) the target link … or not …
For decades FireFox had the same setting
My knowledge of Chromium (Brave) and even Chrome are zero.

All I have done so far is to install Brave (8 hours before creating this thread)

Shifting focus — automatically — to a newly opened tab is a request that repeatedly comes up. (Search this forum…) Bottom line: Brave doesn’t do this nor does it offer it as an option nor has there ever been an explanation for this omission. This is particularly galling because, in Brave’s original Muon-based version, shifting focus to a newly opened tab was an option. Brave’s developers could have ported the Muon-based code to the Chromium-based version.

• No need to write new code.
• No need to test new code.
• No need to debug new code.

There are other Chrome-based browsers that do — automatically — shift focus to a newly opened tab and Firefox offers this option. In Brave, if you want to — automatically — shift focus to a newly opened tab, you must use an extension. Currently, I rely on Tabs to Front

Tab Activate

is an alternative.

Worth adding — and if you take nothing else away from this post, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to this: Good add-ons / extensions go bad. Here are four citations:

3/1/2020 The Case for Limiting Your Browser Extensions

11/20/2020: Abusive add-ons aren’t just a Chrome and Firefox problem. Now it’s Edge’s turn

2/5/2021: A 0-day, malicious extension, and sync abuse are keeping Google developers busy.

3/1/2021 Is Your Browser Extension a Botnet Backdoor?

Do your own web search. Take the warnings to heart.

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