Show bookmarks bar only in "New Tab"

Previously, bookmarks bar was always shown on "New Tab"s regardless of the “Show bookmarks bar” setting. But after the last update (current version is 0.68.131) that setting affects all tabs in the same way. How can I make Brave show bookmarks bar only in “New Tab”?


The team is working to implement the option. Thanks for your patience, @kamran.


Looks like you just pushed a new update. Did this feature get added as an option in settings somewhere?

@eljuno how can we show the bookmarks tab for new tabs only? This used to be the default setting before the update.

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@jibberjabber @givemebat :point_up::sweat_smile:

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Thank you.
I was just about to make Brave my default browser, but without the “Show bookmarks bar only in New Tab” feature, it’s a no go.

I’ve created an account just to add to this thread…

The default used to be “bookmarks bar hidden except on new tab”, which was perfect! Now I can only set it to permanently on or off, why was this changed?

While this is filed in MacOS, it affects the Windows build too!

See Bookmarks only in new tab - #4 by eljuno

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