Bookmarks only in new tab

How can I make Brave show bookmarks bar only in “New Tab”? I decided today to try again Brave but without this feature I will return to Chrome.

The team is working to implement the option, @EZ98. Thanks for your patience.

But you already had the feature.
It is only gone since the last update. Why?

@nhofer it’s a bug. Toggling off “Show bookmarks bar” should hide bookmarks bar. But it’s still shown on New Tab Page. So it’s a bug – because that’s not the intended behavior.

But since some users prefer only show bookmarks bar on NTP, then the team decide to add the option.

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Thank you!
That’s exactly what I was looking for.
“Bookmarks only on New Page”

I look forward to the update/fix.

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The option is now available at Settings.