Can't hide the bookmarks bar



I enabled the “Show bookmarks bar” option in Settings, then I changed my mind and disabled it, yet the bookmarks bar remains there, even though the “Show bookmarks bar” option is disabled. I toggled the option many times, quit Brave, restarted my computer (Mac), but the problem persists.


Hi @anon3,
It would be better if you can include your Brave version, OS, screenshot or record of the issue. This kind of information is “requested” everytime you try to create a new thread – in the guidelines. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did the bookmarks bat only appears on new tab page? But then disappeared after you visit site?

You can try “Ctrl + shift + B” to hide and un-hide bookmarks bar.

Bookmarks bar shown on new tab page is a known issue. We’ve an issue logged for that.


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