When opening a new tab, if I configured in the settings to not show the bookmarks bar, don't show the bookmarks bar

In the settings, you can choose whether or not you want to hide the bookmarks bar or show it. I prefer to hide it because I don’t want people looking over my shoulder to see things I’ve bookmarked. As a “privacy focused browser”, I think you can understand that privacy isn’t just about what’s transferred over the Internet but also involves the physical hardware itself.

Now, when I am on a website, the bookmarks bar is hidden. That’s good and works as expected. But when I open a new tab, the bookmarks bar appears. I don’t want the bookmarks bar to appear, ever, unless I enable it from the settings.

Can we please fix this and make it so this information stays hidden? Thank you.

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@jmort253 the fix will be available with 0.68.x release. Logged issue here


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Could there be an option to keep the old behavior? I prefer to keep the bookmark bar hidden when viewing pages to avoid distractions and maximize screen space, but I liked the behavior of it showing on a new tab because that’s when I’m most likely to use a bookmark.

Now I find myself ⌘+Shift+B’ing a lot more than I needed to in the past.

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@PadreZippo if not changed, the option will be available within 0.70.x release.

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This issue seems to sill be present in v1.0.1

@paulrberg there’s an option for this in Brave’s Settings.

I believe the current default behavior is not very logical.
Bookmarks are shown on new tab, even if you disable showing bookmarks.
It assumes the only reason for hiding bookmarks is to increase displaying space on monitor,
which is not true. Another possible reason would be to share your screen and you don’t want leak information about your browsing habits.

@presern it’s an old request/post and the feature is already available on desktop.

Go to brave://settings/appearance then disable the following option/s.

I don’t think you read my post carefully. I was talking about changing default behavior.
Brave should prioritize privacy (default setting should be ‘off’). Users cannot predict existance of this setting in advance.

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