Self tipping on my own YouTube channel

Can I self tip my bat earned by brave ads to my youtube channel…but i am not content creater…I just verified the youtube account…
So help me to clarify my doubt??

I have 2 android phone…and I earn almost 40 50bat every month (combining both phone) can I tip all that bat to self youtube channel tell me?

Self tipping isn’t allowed

If you want to withdrawal your BAT, it’s better to do it by connecting your Uphold account. Available on desktop. Mobile support is coming.

Been there, done that, does not work on my IMAC
Wallet verified etc.

I have a creators travelblog website. I have my uphold wallet connected to that Brave creator account. I tip myself with the ad revenue I get from desktop and also from my mobile to that account. It’s a good way to be able to withdraw your earnings from the mobile browser.

So have u ever faced a bat token ban issue

No, I haven’t.

They are separate accounts. My Brave creators account is not linked to the wallet on the brave browser I have on my laptop.

I wasn’t aware of not being able to self tip so I may review what I do now that you have made me aware.


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