How Brave stole me 340 BAT


since my post has been set so that it can only be accessed via directlink, I would like to open a new one to show what happens when you own too many BATs and donate them. Brave found a very simple way to expropriate me.

It all started when I used the browser for over 3 years and in the meantime I accumulated 350 BATs on my PC Wallet. I then registered on Uphold and tried to verify my ID documents. They are still on pending to this day. I had then in over a year period several tickets opened at Uphold, which were never answered or only after a few weeks, where I was told that a “specialist” will take care of it. I was always put off. So, since I couldn’t pay out through the traditional way, I decided to do it through a friend who was successfully registered with Uphold. He opened a Brave Creators account and I donated all my money to him. That’s perfectly legal, after all. Now the funny thing: my friend’s account was frozen and he was supposed to provide a statement where he got the money. He provided a statement and received no feedback for 2 weeks.

I then posted here in the forum and Steeven contacted me. I gave him all the information and a few hours later after he read the message, my friend got a mail from Brave Creators that his account was banned and he had violated the usage lines - where exactly the usage line was violated was not said.

The problem is that the money is now permanently blocked and Brave has managed to expropriate all my money. I knew from the beginning that there were reasons why several users with over $100 couldn’t get their money. So much for the money belonging to one.

But I actually have to say, chapeu. If you just lock your account, then he himself can’t get to the money, that’s why you can pay it to yourself and since I donated it. I have no right to it. Very smart of Brave, but be warned. I personally would not build a business based on BAT income.

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I understand your problem pal but for a moment calm down. It would be great if you could share the screenshots of your problem.

This is self tip…which is not allowed…it leads to ban …you should have read the t&c

No, it isn’t. If I donate 340 BAT to someone, I can do that. I thought it was my money? I donated to a completely different person, so definitely not a self tip. Where is this a self tip please? Just shows that Brave is not working as it should.

Funny Thing is that it says that he can’t accept money from Brave, but Tips from other Users. I tipped him my money, so why can’t he withdraw it? I dont get it. But thank you mate.

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Here self tip means ultimately the bat that you earned by watching ads should not be reached to the owner who earned it…i think your friend is not a creator of any content and he created a dummy channel to receive bat…thats the reason he got banned

So at the End, neither my friend nor I got the BAT. We got ripped off by Brave, right or not? The guidelines are also just off the mark. Brave can decide for itself what a dummy channel is. My friend also has a YT channel with several hundred subscribers. And now? Get my money back anyway no more, obviously. I just think it’s a legal expropriation. Just bitter. I have recommended this project to so many.

We did not steal your money. It sounds like you were unable to get verified with Uphold, then tipped a ton of BAT your friend and, for various reasons, this was likely flagged and your friend was not banned, but instead was put into a “no grants” state.

I’m closing this thread because it’s just a complaint without any request for assistance. If you want to send me a DM and provide some details, I’d be happy to see what we can do about your account.