I am not able to send tips to my YouTube channel it is verified in brave publisher but in brave it is not Verified and why payout in progress in showing

Plz help why plz help

do not tip your self

check this one and hope it help and have a nice day

When did you linked your YT channel to your publishers account?

The changes take time, sometimes up to one week to be reflected in all devices around the world (and in worst cases until next update due to things with your brave instance).

As for self tipping, the recommendation is not to self tip as justsomeone1 pointed out, in any case you can still do it to test the system.

As for the payout, you mean this?

How many BAT did you collected as publishers this month? The payout is generated for everyone (AFAIK) but only the channels with 5BAT will be payout.

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