Creators Account will get suspended If I tip my self?

I’m self tipping since I have more than 4 devices/browsers so I can get bats through creators account but somewhere I heard, it could lead your creators account to suspension!!

Is it true?

I can’t make two uphold accounts because of few reasons that’s why I have been tipping myself!

Please answer my question and don’t suspend my creators account I’m just adding the information for the better understanding of my question.


Reasons of doing self-tipping

  • When uphold connection limit is crossed (4 devices per uphold account)
  • Uphold is connected but lost the browser due to system format or unexpected accidents.

Vikram N.


Need answers please!

@steeven @Matches

Sorry for the mention but it has been days and I see you guys on other threads so I thought mine must be lost somewhere in the threads ocean!

Well… hope they answer, they are the proper ones to respond.

But in the mean time.

AFAIK, yes, it could lead in to suspension or revision, they don’t recommended doing it.

Don’t get it wrong but this measure is taken to avoid fraud if im not mistaking.

In any case, i have seen threads where they say it’s ok if are small earnings like those from rewards. But that was a long time ago when uphold still was not available for mobile, and even then they recommended not to do it and wait.

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I think this could give you answers :

  1. Rules against self-tipping only apply to our promotional BAT token grants. You are allowed to tip anyone (including yourself) with BAT that you earn via Brave Ads, or BAT that you self-fund with your own money.

  2. We suspend accounts that are found to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Grant Tipping Guidelines, here:

  3. If you search on or spend time on our Telegram, you will see the extent to which we enforce these rules in order to protect genuine users and creators. In other words, the way we deal with this kind of fraud is by enforcing our ToS and grant tipping guidelines, and suspending those who abuse publisher accounts solely to withdraw BAT grants—which are meant for tipping real content creators—to themselves, especially if they use coordinated or automated methods.

Source: Reddit - Posted by bat-chriscat (BAT Team) a year ago.

Link to that post >


It seems like I should be fine because I have not faced any issue for the past months tipping my self and according that reddit post the bats are totally mine although I’m not sure what do they mean by Promotional Bat grants (let me know if anyone knows what that is) but I’m pretty sure the bats I’m tipping are earned via brave ads.

Thanks for the response @ambrocioisaias2808 @ShineWhine

Still I would love to hear few words from the staff team regarding my question because that reddit post was posted a year ago!

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AFAIK This was a few years ago when they give BAT for downloading brave and those stuff.

Also, @eljuno whats the actual posture about self tiping?

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I need accurate answer too!


Im not on @BraveTeam, but if I were. you guys, I wouldnt do selftipping. Its just not moral.

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Yet till I get official answer from Brave Staff Team, I’m gonna follow what @ShineWhine has posted :-

Do not lock the thread the question still remains till I get an answer from staff team member.

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Keeping this thread alive.

actually, brave also suspend my account… i have 2 phone and 1 laptop… so, possible, i will tip it to my publisher account… i earned that BAT…

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Keeping this alive…


Don’t believe anything you read. They will ban you, you will make an appeal which will be answered with an automatic response that will reject your appeal.

After that you will email brave suspension, and after about 20 days if lucky, usualñy 30+ days you will get an answer from support, banning you either way.

So no, do not tip yourself.

Happened to friends with 100 bats in 1 month tipped to themselves, happened to me before, and many more users.

That’s very unfortunate!

I know they don’t allow self tip because they count it as fraudulent activity!

But they should give more options than Uphold.

The only reason we self tip is because of uphold. Uphold only has 4 slots and neither those can be removed/disconnected. We can’t do anything In case of device change or unexpected accident, nor they have any option to backup brave wallet! We then have no option left other than self tip.


I ask them to remove my devices from uphold, since I have new computer with new devices. But they can’t (or that is what they say) So I selftipped and got all my bats banned. Asked them to remove ban, and seems I am still fraudulent.

So yes, its seems its a dam SC AM once you get some good volume on bats.

How much BAT has been blocked bro…

It is your fault for self tipping.
We all know that self tipping is not allowed.

So dont blame Brave Browser for your suspension you deserved it.

This is not a SC AM .

around 1k bats earned in ads

Berguno either you are pretty new or totally ignorant.

Self tipping is not encouraged but it is NOT against the rules.

Find me anywhere in ToS or whitepaper or anywhere in brave where they say it is not allowed.
Actually there are posts from DEV team, saying you can selftip.

I will donate you 1k bats if you can show me a single evidence that we are not allowed, but you cant so, you are just making me laugh.

“Mas tonto y no naces vamos”

And please dont come with the “grants”, I am talking about BATs earned via ads.

Please write into
Greetings, your account may have been suspended due to the breaking of the terms and conditions of the Brave Browser Community, we recommend you send a dispute informing what happened and showing all kinds of activity generated from your URL / User Link referred to in the affiliate program from Brave Browser, including places where they have been Posted.

If you are a creator, we recommend that you send a Channel / Twitter / Facebook or Social Network where you have an affiliated Content Creator account to check that said account complies with all the terms and conditions, remember to be transparent and tell what happened as soon as possible and Possible Description, since our system Detects any misuse of the Same Platform, Send Screenshots or upload them to and then Attach them to the Following Email.

Please write into

Remember to Attach your Email created by Brave Browser so that the Team Check your account and can take action on the Matter regarding your Expulsion or Ban from the Brave Browser Platform, since if you provide us as soon as possible your case may be examined and Answered more quickly.

Do not Attach any type of Content to this Messaging system that is to say to my Person since I am not Authorized Personnel of Brave Browser.