Release Channel 1.23.71

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Full Release Notes

  • Added the ability to customize the top site tiles on the New Tab Page. (#7493)
  • Added support for DNSLink resolution. (#13609)
  • Added “Manage custom filters” option to right click context menu. (#14978)
  • Added the ability to manually refresh status for verified creators in the rewards panel. (#14313)
  • Added IPFS installation progress under brave://ipfs-internals. (#13170)
  • Added “Maximum IPFS cache size (GB)” under brave://settings/ipfs. (#13720)
  • Added RFC3986 support for IPFS. (#13677)
  • Added node status errors under brave://ipfs-internals. (#11976)
  • Implemented verifiable advertiser conversions for Brave Ads. (#13368)
  • Improved Tor user experience by preventing an orphan Tor process. (#14044)
  • Updated adblocking via right click context menu to be editable under the brave://adblock “Custom filters” section. (#9581)
  • Fixed statistical voting issue for auto-contribute which occurred in certain cases. (#15071)
  • Fixed race condition which caused inconsistent wallet UI in the rewards panel. (#13801)
  • Fixed crash reports not being uploaded on Linux. (#14326)
  • Fixed CNAME adblocking breakage in certain cases. (#14755)
  • Fixed ipfs:// background tabs not re-connecting on session restore in certain cases. (#14328)
  • Fixed IPFS URI loading over instead of localhost. (#14499)
  • Fixed HTTP subresources being blocked on an IPFS page when shields are disabled. (#14147)
  • Fixed Tor window being stuck in a disconnected state while Tor circuit is established. (#14461)
  • Fixed “.onion” pages being opened in normal windows in certain cases. (#14188)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 90.0.4430.72. (#15299)