Release Channel 1.21.73

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes

  • Added default browser dialog on first run for macOS and Linux. (#12679)
  • Added ability to uninstall/disable the Widevine plugin via brave://settings/extensions (Muon parity). (#2791)
  • Added settings panel to Brave Rewards onboarding tour. (#13379)
  • Added “Peer ID” and “Version” under brave://ipfs. (#13839)
  • Added “Repo Stats” under brave://ipfs. (#13528)
  • Added support for overriding default network adblocking using custom exception rules in brave://adblock. (#5440)
  • Added additional padding to the new tab button. (#13835)
  • [Security] Enabled Safe Browsing endpoint for extension block list. (#12297)
  • Implemented cosmetic filters. (#13070)
  • Enabled DNS-over-HTTPS UI on Linux. (#13617)
  • Updated referral system to skip initialization when no referral code present. (#14428)
  • Updated frequency to show Brave as default browser dialog when not already configured. (#12203)
  • Updated User Agent farbling to add workers support. (#12392)
  • Updated wording on Brave Rewards widget. (#13397)
  • Removed known Olytics tracking parameters from URLs. (#13644)
  • Removed known tracking parameter “wickedid” from URLs. (#13647)
  • Fixed crash when clicking on profile icon in certain cases. (#13762)
  • Fixed Monthly Statement showing incorrect month in drop down. (#13590)
  • Fixed issue where “Estimated pending rewards” showed incorrect balance in certain cases. (#13601)
  • Fixed regression which allowed some network requests initiated by service workers to bypass adblocking. (#13781)
  • Fixed adblock rules not being applied to HTTP subresources of an IPFS page. (#13742)
  • Fixed Brave Shields being disabled when using IPFS with local node. (#13741)
  • Fixed ipfs:// background tabs not re-connecting on session restore in certain cases. (#13519)
  • Fixed Binance widget and autocomplete always using “en” URLs for all locales. (#9691)
  • Fixed issue where query parameters and fragments were removed from IPFS URLs. (#13722)
  • Fixed Nightly shortcut opening the wrong version when there are multiple installations of Brave on Linux. (#1746)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.72. (#14412)